When people ask if I've noticed anything of benefit from my Utrition, I'm always overwhelmed to share all of the great results I've experienced. My initial results were like those of many people: mental clarity, increased focus, better sleep, and excellent energy (no more "3-o'clock-drop"). Over time I was noticing more significant benefits like reduced number of headaches (that was a major benefit for me!!) And then reduction in hot flashes, increased libido, and I became less "reactionary" and more "responsive."

Now, I'm thrilled to share that I've reduced my blood pressure from 120/80 to 104/66! WOW! How exciting!! I'm also excited to share that I have noticed reduced inflammation, stabilization in my blood platelets, and even weight loss. My appetite and taste buds have change (for the better!). So happy to using a product that makes me feel so much better. Where will I be in 6 more months? In a year? I can't wait to let you know!!!

- Julia Flynn Werre
Maryland Baltimore

I wanted to share my noticeable Changes after 8 months of My Personal DNA Utritrion:
1. Energy like I am back in my 30's No lag in energy at all during the day
2. Mental Acuity and Focus dramatically improved.
3. I use to not be able to read a book for long periods of time..back to reading and not just listening to audiobooks
4. My beer gut is disappearing
5. I sleep better and no more snoring
6. Started some resistance training to tone back up
7. My BP & Cholesterol are back in normal ranges after being elevated for quite a few years.

- Daryl Middleton
Fresno California