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The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have your Zija website set up correctly in the App. If your Distributor ID is in your App settings correctly, your link will work.

Distributor ID: This is your unique Zija Unique Web ID. This is the end of your web address name. For example, if your URL is https://www.zijainternational.com/?referralCode=johndoe, you ONLY need to enter "johndoe" in your App.

Here is how you update your Zija Unique Web ID in the App:

  • Select MORE on the bottom right corner of the App
  • Select Settings
  • Scroll down until you see the field, "Zija Distributor ID"
  • Update this to your correct Zija Distributor ID as shown in the example above
  • Save

Your App has a lot going on behind the scenes! It integrates with many different technologies and needs updates whenever those are updated.

When things seem to be off in your App, follow these troubleshooting steps first:

  1. Check to see if your App needs updates. Go to your App Store or Google Play and check if the RapidFunnel App requires an update. If so, update it. You can also go into the settings on your device and set RapidFunnel to update automatically.
  2. Many phone issues can also be resolved just by rebooting your phone. If your App is still not functioning properly, try turning your phone off and back on to see if that helps.
  3. Lastly, if you are unable to get your issue resolved, ask for help! Our RapidResponders are standing by to offer their support. In your App, select MORE, in the bottom right corner, and then select SUPPORT. Create a ticket. Average response time is 4 hours.

Simply close and reopen your App. If this does not resolve the issue, follow the steps above.

  • Select MORE in the bottom right corner of the App
  • Select SUPPORT
  • iOS: Select CONTACT US at the top right and then select NEW
  • Android: Tap the PENCIL icon at the bottom right
  • Provide the details of what you need help with. Please be specific. Also let us know what type of device and version you're using, if you've updated your App, etc. The more details you provide, the easier it is for us to help you properly!
  • Select SEND on the top right
While the average response time is 4 hours, it can take a bit longer during times of high volume. Also, please note that our Support hours are Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm MDT. Create a support ticket and our RapidResponders will get back to you as fast as humanly possible!
If you are locked out and can't get in to your App, you can send an email to support@rapidfunnel.com. The support team will reply to your email to help you resolve your issue. Average response time is 4 hours. You can also visit support.rapidfunnel.com from any web browser.

Your App has a lot going on behind the scenes! It integrates with many different technologies that make their own changes too. Texting is an example. The deliverability of a text message is actually determined by your cell service provider. So if your text messages are not making it to the other end, chances are your service provider is not allowing it for some reason. Please create a support ticket and provide as MUCH detail as you can so that we can look into it and create a solution for you! If your service provider has blocked your text messages from being sent out, just know it's only temporary on their end and will be lifted. It's usually in place for no more than a day and is typically done to prevent spamming.

Here are some things YOU can do to improve your text message deliverability:

  • Don't spam: Be sure the person you are texting is expecting a text from you.
  • Don't send unsolicited texts: If the person you are texting has never received a text from you before, have a conversation with them first, via text, before you share a text resource through your App
  • Modify the pre-written text: To improve the deliverability of your text add small changes to the pre-written text that is auto-generated by your app. Sending too many texts with the same wording can be flagged as possible spam by your provider.