In our house, everyone gets their greens - whether as a shake or in caps! Jayden can’t take caps, but loves smoothies; while Dylan dislikes produce generally, so he’s happy to take his caps - all this makes for a happy mom and dad too! ;)

- Jayden and Dylan

My mom always tries to make us eat our vegetables. I only like carrots, she says that’s not enough. So I know she’s happy when I take my greens and I feel really good too.

- Gavin K.

My 6 year old daughter had been in bed for 3 days and hadn’t eaten anything and barley drank water. Everything she ate she threw up. On the 3rd day I told her we needed to try to eat something today because she hadn’t had any nutrition in the last few days. I have her the greens and she loved it. And I loved that she was finally getting some nutrition in her body.

- Eva A.