We have an executive level achievement and leadership program complete with a daily planner that teaches you successful action of goal attainment while designing a life that works for you! This means having a family, faith, business and more. Yes, it can all fit in your life when you follow our system.
Yes we do! We have a cutting edge App that allows you to grow and manage your business right from the palm of your hand. It has EVERYTHING you need and is super simple to use.
Absolutely! We have an EmpowerMINT Program that teaches you everything from small budget to big budget that teaches you the empowerMINT formula that sets you up to never run out of money!
Find a way. Honestly. Because you are worth it. Anything of value comes at a cost. With our program, not only will you be setting yourself up to start a business, but you will also get the mentorship, coaching and tools that puts your on the path to success. It's the reason why new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike are flocking to Team Freedom International.
Go for it. Just jump in, meet the team and have fun with us. You wouldn't be reading this question right now if you weren't ready. So trust me, you are. So now is where you act. Just go!