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Claudia, USA

Team Freedom has truly given me the gift of freedom to have it all: being a stay-at-home mom to my kids, traveling to amazing destinations with friends & family, and learning how to run a successful global business from home. Here I am in Bangkok, Thailand, marveling at the splendor and colors of the Wat Hua Lamphong Temple - an unforgettable experience!

Eduardo, Argentina

I always wanted to enjoy my family more, spend more time with my kids and wife and grow an independent business. I’ve been an Entrepreneur since 2013 and I know what being alone in all the decision making of a business feels like. In Team Freedom I found that I’m not alone, it’s an international team of leaders willing to help in any way. And if that was not enough, the motivation, fun, travel and ongoing recognition, makes being part of Team Freedom feel like being part of a Great Family!

Cassie, USA

I always knew I was destined for more but didn’t know how to do it. Scared to start something new because I was afraid of failure. I quickly discovered that Team Freedom had that all figured out for me! The simple system that Team Freedom has in place is PURE GENIUS! My favorite part is gathering with teammates and learning from the comfort of home!

Miles & Marian, Philippines

We have always wanted to be a part of a family-oriented, entrepreneurial community that has a deep level of synergy. With Team Freedom we found what we’ve been looking for and have made so many friends from all over the world. We now have the confidence to know that we can successfully create the residual income lifestyle that we have always dreamed of! Equally important for us is our life outside of business. Which is why we are so thankful that through Team Freedom we’ve been able to make a significant impact in people's lives at Project Freedom Village.

Vanessa, USA

I have always dreamed of traveling the world and making lasting memories with my family, because of Team Freedom I can do this with building a global business. We have been to over 35 amusement parks in North America. The key to succeed in this business is having a good support team, and you get the best support team with Team Freedom!! My family and I are looking forward to so many more adventures with Team Freedom.

Maria, Mexico

Team freedom has given me the opportunity to follow my dreams and the knowledge of the I CAN, by having the freedom of being an entrepreneur and running my own business from wherever I want to work from that day, from home, soccer practice or ever from the beach front with the kids. I was able to see my oldest son graduate from high school in the US and start College over there! As a part of Team Freedom I've been able to meet a lot of great people who always help me grow and learn more and more about the great world of Network Marketing.