Discover the Secret to Shrinking Your Waist While Boosting Your Mood & Energy

This little-known metabolism hack is clinically tested and proven to reduce body fat and flatten the curve on how your body absorbs sugar.


You can feel confident in your own skin and lose that stubborn belly fat once and for all! While experiencing an immediate boost in your mood and energy... Without making drastic changes to your lifestyle or diet. And you’re going to discover exactly how you can do it in just a minute… But first, let’s breakdown 3 major myths you’ve been told about wellness that are keeping you tired, sluggish and unable to hit your weight loss goals...

Myth #1: As We Age, Our Bodies Aren’t Capable Of Losing Weight Due To A Decrease In Our Metabolism

Many people find themselves blaming their age and decrease in metabolism for their weight gain or “fluff” around their waist…

And out of desperation turn to liposuction or expensive stomach surgeries to combat the expanding pooch or spare tire.

While lypo will get rid of fat deposits and stomach surgeries usually do help people lose unwanted pounds, neither of these methods are proven to PREVENT people from putting the pounds back on…

And result in people seeing the weight creep back and spend thousands of dollars in more surgeries and other unproven methods… Not to mention turning to fad diets that do more harm to our bodies than good…

And it’s a vicious cycle that for some result in sickness or even death from risky surgery.

While our metabolism does play a role in our body’s ability to combat weight gain, it IS possible to lose weight no matter your age…

So long as you have the RIGHT combination of symbiotics to boost your metabolism and prevent fat deposits…

Which brings us to our next myth…

Myth #2: Diet And Exercise Is All You Need To Lose Weight

It’s widely believed you need to choose a low carb diet and spend hours killing yourself at the gym in order to slim your waist and lose weight.

Many even believe they have to cut out things like bread, rice, potatoes or pasta all together in order to fit back into their favorite pair of jeans…

Or run for hours on end to burn the extra weight off with cardio.

While it’s true a balanced diet and exercise plays a role in weight management, science has found that a Lean Physique Begins with a Healthy Gut…

In fact, throughout the first 1000 days of life, our gut microbiota develops, which will be essential in our health, and our gut is perfectly balanced.

But once we get older and start making poor lifestyle choices (i.e. diet, alcohol, smoking, stress, etc.) our gut becomes more and more “unbalanced”... causing inflammation, allergies and disease to start in our bodies.

For years, doctors have pushed us to consume foods like kombucha and yogurt because they help regulate our intestinal flora and rebalance our gut.

However, even though they do contribute to our digestive health, more recent studies show they aren’t strong enough to balance our gut by themselves…

Let alone make it past our stomachs into our digestive system in the first place.

This can cause serious issues like fatigue, sickness and weight gain.

Not to mention indigestion, constipation, bloating and gas.

If you want to increase lean mass, lose weight, and get rid of belly fat, you need a balanced and healthy gut.

A balanced gut plays a critical role in metabolism, immunity, and other key body functions and is vital in maintaining a healthy weight, lean physique, and regulating muscle mass.

And it IS possible to balance your gut as long as you have the RIGHT symbiotic combination…

And that leads us to myth #3…

Myth #3 – Probiotics Are All You Need To Keep Your Gut Balanced

Hundreds if not thousands of companies have been pushing probiotics the past few years to consumers with the promise of “balancing” the gut.

While some probiotics have been shown to support the natural microbiome inside our bodies…

It’s been found most probiotics are NOT created equal!

In fact, many doctors and scientists have argued that the more CFUs (colony forming units) of healthy bacteria a probiotic has the better it will balance a person’s gut.

And so they keep pumping our bodies full of billions and billions of CFUs promising that the more CFUs you have the more balanced your gut will be.

This is a LIE.

Science has proved that the QUANTITY of CFU’s found inside a probiotic does NOT actually make a difference in balancing the gut.

In fact, the majority of these strains don’t make it past our stomachs and digestive tracts in the first place…

And what does is immediately discarded by our bodies if it’s not the right strain needed to maintain balance.

This shows it all starts with finding the RIGHT strain of bacteria proven to make it through our digestive system and into our gut to deliver the perfect amount of CFU’s needed to create the perfect balance of bacteria.

And the scientists at Xelliss have uncovered the best way to keep your digestive tract clean and working at optimal function, with the development of the most state-of-the-art and effective symbiotic in the world!

Introducing MicroBiome® X3

Girl in a jacket

A patented super food with Symbiotic Technology clinically proven to reduce body fat, flatten the curve on how your body absorbs sugar and improve gut health.

MicroBiome® X3 is a potent blend of three active ingredients…

Composed of a patented strain of living bacterium of Bifidobacterium lactis, a soluble fiber, and our high grade A3-Nat proprietary strain of spirulina...

These three ingredients work in symbiosis to provide exponential growth of the good bacteria in the gut helping you lose weight…

Which as a holistic consequence can lead to the support in physical, mental and immune well-being.

I've tried almost every weight loss product in this industry over the past 5 years. Some helped for a short amount of time only to find out I was losing water weight, not actual fat cells. Since I began to use our clinically proven, MicroBiome I have natural energy, I'm down 9 lbs, and I've lost 2 pant sizes in 10 days. My mood is better, I can think clear & I'm so grateful to find a product that targets my VICERAL fat & helps prevent new fat cells from forming.

Jenifer S.
New York, USA

As a busy Mompreneur of 3 with a brand new baby I had almost given up hope on losing that "Mom Pooch" around my belly... Not able to work out like I used to due to the pandemic, I was very self conscious putting on my bikini and found myself feeling sad as I looked in the mirror, missing the confidence I had pre-baby. My husband Whit, a previous dental technician, loves to lift weights and is very active but couldn't seem to trim up around his waist no matter how hard he tried... Even after making drastic changes to his diet he couldn't seem to completely lose his spare tire. But, after 10 days of being on MicroBiome X3 we both watched our mid-sections shrink! In fact, I lost 3lbs and 3 inches and Whit lost 7lbs and 5 inches without being able to go to the gym at all and still eating all the goodies over Thanksgiving. Plus, this mama has experienced a boost in my mood and I'm finding myself as confident as I was pre-pregnancy! My friends say we look amazing and we tell them MicroBiome X3 is our secret weapon.

Whit & Cari H.
Utah, USA

MicroBiome® X3 is clinically tested and proven to:

✔️ Reduce cravings and make you feel more full when you eat because of it’s satiating effect
✔️ Flattens the curve of blood glucose levels after meals
✔️ Increase bathroom regularity
✔️ Prevent the formation of new fatty deposits
✔️ Target and reduce abdominal visceral fat
✔️ Identify which specific strand of CFU is needed for each individual person, giving them only the strand they need to balance their own microbiome

MicroBiome® X3 is the most effective symbiotic in the world clinically tested and proven to reduce body fat and prevent the forming of new fatty deposits.

I started taking the X3 Microbiome right before the holidays and my results were incredible! In 7 days, I lost 10 lbs and dropped 2 pants sizes. I didn’t exercise nor diet at all... Plus it makes me feel amazing! Not only that.. but my husband started taking it the same time that I did. He dropped 4 inches around his waist without changing a thing. He still drinks soda, eats chips, and enjoys the sweets. X3 biome is a great product we will continue to take it.

Brandy S.
Former Cosmetologist

I lost 6lbs in 5 days taking Biome without changing a thing. Not only that, but I felt happy, my mood was uplifted and could feel the difference it made to my gut becoming regular and no bloating. I now fit into non stretch jeans I haven’t been able to wear for years!

Fran L.
Watang, UK

To see and feel the benefits of MicroBiome® X3, simply add one sachet of the tasteless powder into your favorite morning beverage and go about your day as usual.

That’s it.

No big or awkward pills to swallow...
No need to kill yourself at the gym...
And no need to deprive yourself of the foods you love.

You can shrink your waist while boosting your mood and energy without making any drastic changes to your diet or lifestyle

I've been using the X3 MicoBiome for 30 days. I lost a total of 10 pounds and 2 inches. This product is amazing.!!! I'm now able to wear my leather coat that I was not able to fit for 16 years. I am excited about this amazing product!

Alonzo M.
Maryland, USA

I'm a holistic fitness and nutrition coach that focuses on getting the body into homeostasis using natural products and foods! I've been into fitness most of my life, but over the past 3 years, I have really focused on using supplements that are transformational because our bodies need them, and we cannot find it in foods as readily available as we can in a supplement. When I was given samples of Xellis products, my life changed forever! I have tried everything on the market geared toward gut health, and the moment I used these products, I could feel them in my body going to work! I went on an 8 day vacation and lost weight, and I continue to lose inches while I enjoy the foods I love"

Cora S.
Fitness Professional

This powerful 5-in-1 symbiotic is the first of it’s kind as it works to replace your current:

- Probiotic
- Prebiotic
- Weight Loss supplement
- Mood support
- Immune support

If you were to buy all these different supplements individually, it could easily cost you $250 to $300 per month…

However, you’re not going to have to spend an arm and a leg to get your hands on MicroBiome® X3.

In fact… For a very limited time you can get MicroBiome® X3 at a STEEP discount rather than buying all the benefits separately.

You can get a one month supply of MicroBiome® X3 for as little as $125…

However, after trying your first can sign up for a subscription to have MicroBiome® X3 conveniently delivered to your door every month, you can save 20% and get it for ONLY $99 per month!love.

Then grab MicroBiome® X3 right now!

If you aren’t completely blown away by MicroBiome® X3, you can cancel your subscription at any time and are protected by Xelliss’s 30-day money back guarantee.

Simply shoot our friendly support desk an email and they’ll promptly and cheerfully return your payment.

So, as you can see, with our 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE you have absolutely nothing to lose… and a massive amount to gain.

If you’re ready to shrink your waist while boosting your energy and mood…

Reduce body fat, and flatten the curve on how your body absorbs sugar...

Without starving yourself, spending excessive hours killing yourself at the gym or depriving yourself of foods you love.

Then grab MicroBiome® X3 right now!