I was a work from home mom for over 10 years, when my husband was unexpectedly laid off. It was a scary day. I still remember vividly. I found a job in a kindergarten classroom and while it was a blessing. I found that I gave so much attention to my students that I have nothing left for my family. A few months later I found LifeVantage. I've been growing and learning in ways I never imagined and now I found a way to change my life for the better.

- Wendy C

As a nationally qualified NPC men's physique competitor and a gym owner, nutrigenomics has played a key role in my success both as a fitness competitor and a business owner. Protandim is THE ONE PRODUCT that I will never stop taking my entire life.

- Jared W

After following the traditional 40 hours a week for 45 years of my life work plan, I realized that we didn’t have what we needed to retire. So at age 60 my wife and I started a small business of our own, which kept us comfortable until the economy turned South. Our LifeVantage business has been an economic lifesaver, paying us additional income 96 months in a row, without interruption!

- Bill H


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Many people mistakenly believe their antioxidant needs are fulfilled by eating blueberries, drinking expensive “miracle juices” and applying antioxidant facial creams. What they don’t realize is that their daily antioxidant needs cannot be fulfilled by consuming any amount of blueberries, dark chocolate or red wine. Effective antioxidant protection absolutely requires adequate production of the body’s own antioxidant enzymes.

Protandim contains a compound based upon six United States’ patents, 1 Australia patent, 1 China patent and has been proven to protect against oxidative stress.

Protandim is different from other antioxidant supplements in the way it works. Instead of providing the body with additional dietary antioxidants (regular supplements fall into this category and are commonly called consumable or “direct” antioxidants), Protandim works from within your body, to help fight free radicals and protect against oxidative stress. This is why Protandim is different than any other antioxidant on the market today; your body is actually producing the antioxidant power.

Nationally recognized anti-aging expert Dr. Joe McCord, the scientist behind Protandim, explains, “Researchers and scientists agree that aging is the result of cellular deterioration caused by free radicals, which are rogue molecules. It is impossible to avoid free radicals because the food you eat and the air you breathe, as well as stress or even vigorous exercise, can stimulate cells to produce destructive free radicals in staggering numbers. With each year, a person’s body becomes less effective at fighting free radicals. A person’s body fights free radicals by producing its own antioxidant enzymes. But as we grow older, our bodies produce more free radicals and fewer of these antioxidant enzymes to fight the battle of aging. That’s where Protandim plays a critical role. Protandim boosts the body’s own production of antioxidant enzymes at the cellular level with enough neutralizing capacity to eliminate the age-related increase in free radical damage.”

Protandim’s actions result from its ability to activate the transcription factor known as Nrf2. Protandim contains five ingredients that are known to scientists as Nrf2 activators. Nrf2 is a protein messenger contained in every cell of the body that sends information to the cell’s DNA.

When Nrf2 is activated, it enters the nucleus and it turns on several hundred of these 25,000 genes. And the genes that it turns on, or turns up, are known collectively as “survival genes.” What is a survival gene? These genes enable cells to survive in the face of several different kinds of stress, especially oxidative stress, which occurs when free radicals and other oxidants overwhelm the body’s natural antioxidant enzymes.

So, Protandim, as a Nrf2 activator, activates survival genes, such as antioxidant genes that keep us safe from free radicals and oxidants.

Protandim is among the very first of the products that are appearing, and will appear, as Nrf2 activators.

No, Protandim does not contain any banned or controlled substances. Every lot of Protandim is analyzed and certified by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) to assure that Protandim does not contain any banned or controlled substances.

No, there is no known mechanism whereby Protandim loses effectiveness over time. The formula has not been changed and bioactivity is monitored to maintain consistent potency with regard to the activation of the Nrf2 transcription factor–the mechanism by which Protandim works.

Product and marketing materials returned within thirty (30) days after the purchase shall receive a 100% refund, less shipping and handling costs. Only unopened product shall be eligible for a refund, unless defective. Product must be in resalable and restockable condition in order to be eligible for a refund. Resalable is defined as product still in its original packaging, with seals and wrapping in place. All returns must have a Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”), issued through Distributor Support. Independent Distributors and Customers are responsible for returning product to the Company within ten (10) business days of receipt of the RMA or the product will not be eligible for return.

No, there are no dyes or food colorings in Protandim. One of the active ingredients, curcumin, is intensely yellow.

There are a number of reasons that LifeVantage Corporation made the decision to distribute Protandim through network marketing, including the compelling fact that product sales through network marketing has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. After a great deal of analysis, LifeVantage concluded that this business model is an ideal way to sell Protandim because Protandim users are typically strong proponents of the product, and this makes them want to share the product’s tremendous benefits with others. Network marketing business allows the distributors the opportunity to fully explain the product’s benefits and uses, a key advantage of this distribution model.

With the benefits and science of Protandim, we have the opportunity to be the next great success story in an industry known for producing fast-growing companies.


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