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“After learning about eXp, I felt it would be financially irresponsible NOT to join!”

I saved over 43,000 in fees in my first year at eXp Realty. I sold 23 more homes. The move to eXp was a no brainer for me. eXp has changed my family’s financial future.

- Deana Fawcett
Victoria, BC, Canada

With 33 years of real estate experience behind me, most of it working in a traditional brick & mortar office and owning my own brick & mortar office for over ten years, the past 10 months have been an eye opening experience. It has shown me that there is a much better way to build a real estate career for any serious realtor that really wants to build something of value for themselves. The numerous options and doors that eXp Realty opens for realtors is amazing, the opportunity to own shares in the company, either earned at a discount or given to them for reaching certain goals, the opportunity to develop their own revenue share within the company all lead up to the ability to create their own retirement plan... all of this while still being able to work from anywhere, no other company offers this kind of opportunity or flexibility.

The training and support at eXp Realty are so far beyond anything I have ever encountered in my entire real estate career.

My one fear of working with a company that operated mostly in the cloud was that I thought the personal connection would be nonexistent, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the personal connections not only between my fellow managing brokers and staff, but also the realtors in my market area and right across BC. This would never have happened in any of the previous brick & mortar offices that I worked for. You might say eXp Realty has removed the limitations imposed by the old business model.

What would I say to anyone thinking of joining eXp Realty? Do your own research, ignore the naysayers, there will always be negative people out there, but if you truly want to work with positive people that really want to see you succeed then eXp Realty is for you, because eXp’s business model is built on success breeds success.

I do have regret that I was not introduced to eXp Realty a long time before I actually was.

- Jake Siemens
Chilliwack, BC, Canada

My experience working with eXp for the last 4 months is unbelievable. I have found eXp Realty's platform to be much bigger than I thought in the beginning. I see great value in all the tools that eXp provided me with and the mentorship we are getting from Top agents like Randy Dyck. My faith in eXp is helping me attract more and more realtors to my revenue share group. I see a vision of great opportunity for everyone joining eXp. Cheers!

- Navtej Khela
Surrey, BC, Canada


eXp Realty is the nation's first “Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage”.
eXp Realty was founded by Glenn Sanford, a former top Keller Williams agent who realized that a cloud-based brokerage, which offered revenue share, was the future of real estate.
eXp Realty is agent-owned meaning that agents acquire stock in the company and have a vested ownership in the brokerage. There are 6 ways that agents can acquire stock, from simply purchasing it to achieving certain performance benchmarks.
Every agent at eXp Realty in NewZealand has a split of 80/20 until the cap is met.
Yes, eXp agents cap when they pay $16,000 to the company. So if you earn $80,000+ in gross commission (GCI) you should reach your commission cap each year.
Agents at eXp have multiple options for training, but more than 50 hours of live training occurs each week in our virtual office, eXp World. You can log in from your phone or computer and use an avatar to walk around the campus and communicate with agents from around the country.
Because eXp doesn’t have a lot of overhead – like the typical brokerage – they are able to share almost half of the 20% split with agents who help our company grow.
For every real estate agent you personally introduce to eXp, you’ll receive up to $2,800 each year. If you have agents who introduce more agents, you’ll also earn a percentage of what they sell.
No, it’s completely up to you! Most of the eXp agents don’t ‘recruit’ anyone, they just love the company and have agent friends and co-op agents that want to learn more about our brokerage.
You receive a percentage of the gross commission generated by the agents you introduce to the company and any agents that are in the seven levels of your revenue share group. If one of your recruits sells a $500K home, you’ll make 3.5% of the $35,000 commission earned ($525).
For every real estate agent you personally introduce to eXp Realty you can earn up to $4,900 annually. Your revenue share team is seven degrees of separation deep, so you’ll also earn some of what those agents earn. Long story short, there is no limit to the amount of rev share you can earn at eXp Realty!
eXp stock is traded on the NASDAQ stock market exchange.
eXp has it covered. Every agent receives a free membership to the Regus Business Lounges (a co-working center) so you can go in and work in between appointments or reserve a conference room for you and your clients. There are 3,000 Regus co-working offices, so there should be at least one that’s convenient for you!
Yes, eXpCon is our annual conference held in different cities. Past conferences were held in Las Vegas, Chicago, and San Antonio.


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